The exhibition CHROMA presented in the SCAD Museum of Art with the collaboration of Articruz and the Cruz Diez Art Foundation presents the lifetime investigations and work of Maestro and SCAD´s deFINE Art honoree Carlos Cruz Diez. The exhibition´s mission is to showcase and teach students, faculty, staff and visitors the discourse of the artist through a series of experiences.

It is designed and thought to be a life changing experience in which visitors enter the space with a notion of reality and color and leave the exhibition with a complete change on what they thought they knew about this phenomenon. The exhibition holds a didactic gallery space with the artist´s eight investigations, a site specific installation and a container that holds three works (two on the outside and one on the inside). The exhibition is thought to travel within the container around the world to change perspectives, create unique experiences and share Carlos Cruz Diez´life time achievements.

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